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Reasons Why PBET Think Casinos Need Blockchain Technology

PBET taps into this new opportunity in the gaming space that is not yet addressed by others: the convergence of land-based and i-gaming operations. Most online providers supporting crypto-based technologies do so as a means for online gaming payment. At PBET, they provide a hybrid payment and rewards solution that addresses both land-based and online gaming. In other words, our Unified Gaming Platform allows land-based casinos’ players to use their casino account to play online while benefiting from unified loyalty club and rewards which is not the case for online competitors. These benefits translate into casino operators’ capability of having better control on players’ gaming dollars. Here are some reasons why Pbet think casinos need blockchain technology.

From a Purely i-gaming Perspective, the Use of Cryptocurrency as an Ideal Solution for Multiple Aspects of this Sector

First, from a purely i-gaming perspective, Pbet foresee the use of cryptocurrency as an ideal solution for multiple aspects of this sector. The distributed ledger offered by Blockchain technologies allows validation of transactions without the need to call 3rd parties while maintaining confidentiality, complying with KYC standards and related regulations and ensuring high security. Even with these added benefits, the use of a decentralized system reduces the risks of fraud for all actors, content providers, players, and operators. The enhanced security attained with the use of cryptocurrencies puts emphasis on our value-added proposition which is that of building trust and transparency on all levels of our interaction with other ecosystem actors. 

Blockchain-based transactions are standard regardless of country-specific aspects which increases overall efficiency since there is no need to adapt the payment system for each and every country that Pbet deal in. From a player perspective gaming online, the transactional fees related to the standard payment methods and Gateways are tremendously reduced through the use of cryptocurrencies while ensuring the speed of payments (deposits and withdrawals are made in quasi-real-time).

Pbet Segment Related to Physical Casino Convergence with i-gaming Translates into Multiple Advantages through Blockchain Technologies

Second, our segment related to physical casino convergence with i-gaming translates into multiple advantages through blockchain technologies. Those advantages are augmented given the fact that they are a distinguished provider that has access to a unique platform that handles cross-channel gaming activities, land-based operations as well as i-gaming ones. As a matter of fact, physical casinos operating in multiple countries can easily adopt cryptocurrency as a mean of unifying payment transactions such as deposits and withdrawals, both in they're physical premises as well as online. Regardless of country-specific currency, heads of operations are pleased to significantly reduce the overhead costs derived from the consolidation and management of multiple exchange rates on a daily basis.

Physical casinos can also be part of a larger Reward Club by partnering with affiliates sharing our proprietary token which gives the player access to a superior loyalty club. Players gaming inside premises, as well as online, will be thrilled with a cross-channel gaming offering that addresses all of their needs including social interaction and decent Reward Club.

Pbet Tokens are Generated through an ERC20 Standard

Created by Ethereum and recognized for its security, flexibility to adapt to business rules as well as ease of listing on multiple exchanges. All engagements related to crowdsale from the ICO stage as well as our commitments after The token launch is ensured by a smart contract that becomes binding and can’t be changed (i.e. the commitment of burning unsold Tokens during the public sale period). Furthermore, there will be only one smart contract for the ICO and Pbet will not be permitted to emit additional Pbet Tokens in the future.

🔘 1 PBET token= $0.11 
🔘 Current Stage Discount: 45% 
🔘 Currencies Accepted:  BTC, ETH, LTC and more

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