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PBET, Unique Innovation that Addresses the Convergence Physical and Online Gaming

PLC Player Loyalty Ltd. is a Cyprus based software company that provides innovative solutions to the gambling industry. Contrary to most previously seen ICOs, Pbet has a largely commercialized product: a casino management system that is deployed in 20 venues across 4 countries. Pbet teams of seasoned professionals cover all knowledge-based areas of the gambling industry with extensive experience in this sector. Having acted in casino operations in previous realizations, they have profound knowledge of challenges that need to be addressed to allow physical casinos to take a share of the interactive gambling activities. Land-based casinos inspire trust and confidence to players through brand-recognition when compared to foreign interactive sites.

Physical casinos that want to partake in the market opportunity of online gambling are confined to a poor type of offering when outsourcing for a solution: providers allow them access to standard online gaming software while asking for an important initial investment as well as minimum monthly fees in addition to a cut on revenues. Such an option does not grant small to mid-sized casinos the capacity to capitalize on their key differentiators: players’ data, the possibility of taking deposits and making payments instantly without fees and creates a virtual separation between physical and online activities rather than providing an immersive experience. Basically, they can’t benefit from the synergy that exists between gaming channels even if it could be their main competitive advantage.

Pbet Offers a Unified Gaming Platform and an Omni-channel Solution Extending Land-based Gaming to Interactive Gaming

Through Pbet unique solution, Pbet offers a Unified Gaming Platform and an Omni-channel solution extending Land-based gaming to interactive gaming. Pbet offer is mainly B2B and aims to help land-based casinos, among other brick-and-mortar venues, to expand to the online world. Pbet offers a turnkey, zero-investment, and revenue share business opportunity for their targeted clientele: small to mid-sized casinos (100 to 1500 gaming machines). Pbet first targeted geographical area is LATAM and the Caribbean has given the high presence of physical casinos using their products in addition to their business partners who give us easy access to decision-makers within approximately 150 casinos in this area. Furthermore, Pbet's sales force is very active in that fast-paced and growing region when it comes to the online gambling arena and is further enforced by a strong network of partners. 

Opportunity for Pbet Token Based on Global Market size of Online Gambling Project (US$ 96.89bn by 2024)

The global market size of online gambling is projected to represent US$ 96.89 bn. by 2024. In LATAM and the Caribbean, US$ 4.9 bn. were generated in 2017 in that sector, an annual growth rate of 20% when compared to 2016. Land-based casinos need to address this fast-growing market while keeping their players’ gaming dollars within their own ecosystems. The rise of online gambling opportunities stimulates competition that could come from either a purely online gaming side or alternatively from landbased neighbor casinos extending their offering to online players. Casinos failing to offer an online gambling solution to players will undoubtedly face the loss of players’ gaming dollars to such upcoming competition. Pbet's proprietary token, Pbet, is at the heart of their solution. It provides synergetic-benefits for landbased and online gaming operations:
  • Supported in Pbet's physical operations as well as online: among first tokens to be implemented in land-based systems and online products
  • Shares e-wallet, meaning players can transfer funds and tokens between their land-based account and online account: the cashier at the casino acts as the bank, waiving transactional fees of other e-wallets and payment aggregators
  • Privileged Loyalty Club for Pbet players extended from casinos to other hospitality sites such as hotels and resorts and tourist attractions in the area, etc. These network partners thanks a standard loyalty program based on Pbets, thus granting greater advantages to clients (i.e. free dining voucher granted with hotel stay and a free voucher for online gaming) while attracting and retaining them thanks to the network shared benefits. 

Pbet will be used by many actors within the hospitality and gaming ecosystem such as casinos, players, organizational members of the loyalty network, and affiliates. This will translate into high demand and exchange for Pbet tokens, which will inherently add value to Pbet Token. 

The factor that will Make High Demand and Exchange for Pbet Tokens, Which will Inherently Add Value to Pbet Token

By having the right product and technologies and knowing casino operations and challenges have drawn from Pbet's previous endeavors, their solution answers the need for small to mid-sized casinos since it eliminates the overhead, resources, and expertise needed to expand to interactive gaming while offering the sustainability they look to for the future including the protection of current assets: players’ gaming dollars remain in their ecosystem. Furthermore, they are not exposed to losses when initiating interactive gaming since it provides an interesting revenue share from online activities. Having the required sales force, the solution that best fits the need of land-based casinos to expand online, the unique Unified Gaming Platform sharing wallets and loyalty programs between landbased and online gaming along with a proprietary token implemented in both channels and positioned at the center of the ecosystem, Pbet offer all that is needed to make this opportunity a winning success.  

🔘 1 PBET token= $0.11 
🔘 Stage Discount: 45% 
🔘 Currencies Accepted:  BTC, ETH, LTC and more

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