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PARQ Users and Stakeholders on the PARQ Ecosystem

PARQ is a creation of Parksen Parking, which a fully functional and tested parking app that has been operational in the Netherlands since 2015. PARQ Parking App is the revolutionary parking app that guides you to free parking spots near your destination using blockchain technology. Do you own a parking spot? List it on PARQ, set the desired price and availability, and easily make your spot available to every car owner. Here are users and stakeholders on the PARQ ecosystem.

First, Drivers, the Primary End-user of PARQ's App

DRIVERS Being the primary end-user of PARQ's app, drivers are at the top of their list. PARQ strives to make your parking experience so easy that you barely have to think about it. By offering real-time information on availability and price, you will be able to see in advance where there’s heavy congestion. Thanks to countless future integrations with IoT and smart devices you won’t even have to worry about pressing a “stop” button when you’re finished parking, as it will all be done for you. Forget about overpaying on parking and risking tickets – you can just enjoy the activities of your day and leave the rest to us.

Second, Parking Spot Owners, the One that Rents Out Parking Spots

PARKING SPOT OWNERS Whether you are part of a corporation that rents out parking spots to employees, a parking garage owner, a municipality representative or simply an individual with extra spots: you will be able to manage your available parking spots through PARQ platform by means of an easy dashboard. Add and remove available parking spots whenever you want and use the available data in the dashboard to analyze your busiest and least busy moments of the day. Seeing a big drop in activity during the hours of 2 and 4 PM? Advertise your availability during those hours to optimize your usage and profits. 

Third, Parking App Providers

PARKING APP PROVIDERS One of the very best things about PARQ platform is that it’s globally adoptable and made in such a way that it can be effortlessly integrated into your own systems. That’s why local parking app providers can integrate their own app, or use a white label version of the Parksen app and enjoy all of their functionalities while customizing its design to their own taste. 

Forth, Software / Hardware Providers

SOFTWARE / HARDWARE PROVIDERS In order to create truly green and connected cities, PARQ is looking to replace as many old brownfield appliances with modernized and green replacements. In order to do this, they want to connect providers of such equipment with cities and companies. The goal here is to connect relevant vendors with city councils, corporate institutions, and individuals that want to cater to the ever-growing world of smart parking. 

Fifth, Developers and Early Adopters

DEVELOPERS & EARLY ADAPTORS Have you ever seen Steve Balmer’s infamous “Developers, developers, developers!” video? Well, not unlike Steve, PARQ absolutely loves developers too. That’s why PARQ main API is entirely publicly available for you to play around with. In an effort to drive adoption of smart city integration, their goal is to break through the skillset inefficiencies of the average developer and general difficulty surrounding API’s by supplying a simplified abstraction layer API in a familiar and easy to use format. Developers familiar with existing RESTful APIs will feel at home using the free SDK’s to interact with the Parksen network. The API and SDK suite will support the same set of uniform core APIs in nearly all of today’s most popular programming languages. Starting with Python, JS, .NET, C#, Objective-C, Java, Node.Js, Go and PHP. API contributions, integrations with third parties and industry-related decentralized applications will be rewarded through a bounty program. Keep an eye out for updated bounties on PARQ website both during the ICO and after its conclusion.

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