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Parksen Four Ultimate Features for the Users and the Integrations

With over 700 million drivers worldwide, the Parking and Transportation industry generated an annual $25 billion in The United States and another $50 billion in Western Europe, according to 2013 Frost & Sullivan analysis. The same document predicted that the industry would flourish thanks to a variety of investments of about $200 – $250 million over the next 3 to 5 years. These investments were meant to impact both on- and off-street parking, but governments (on-street parking providers) and corporations (off-street parking providers) have been struggling to keep up with the demand of consumers that are getting used to technologically innovative creations. Here are Parksen Four Ultimate Features for the Users and the Integrations

Registering and Offering Parking Spots

Anyone in possession of a parking spot can use the Parksen platform to make it available for other drivers. Do you have a free spot in front or inside of your apartment building? Rent it out to your fellow commuters! Thanks to PARQ's smart contracts you can rent out your spots and earn PARQ Utility Tokens. The Parksen Platform will claim a commission of 5-10% for facilitating services.

Locating and Mapping Parking Spots

If you are the owner of or know of any unused, parking spots, please let us know! Contributing to PARQ's metadata collection will directly improve the stability and accuracy of the system. Doing so will earn you PARQ tokens, the amount will be based on the completeness of your information as well as on the number of parking spots you’ve added to their systems. 

Incorporating Smart, IoT & Green Device

If you own a garage or simply an individual parking spot and feel like you can make it smarter or greener, PARQ's partners are here to help you out. By purchasing supporting equipment, you will directly contribute to a cleaner and smarter cities, and, because you do, PARQ will reimburse a part of the price in PARQ tokens after you’ve installed them and added the information to your parking spot profile. Go green! 

Reviews, Surveys & Data Sharing

Data makes the world spin, and it will most certainly help us continuously improve PARQ's platform and ensure you have the best possible experience. PARQ will never sell your data to third parties, it will only be used to improve the quality of their platform and parking app. Much like with Uber, they will ask you to leave reviews and remarks every time you use one of the parking spots that is being offered through Parksen. How was the accessibility? What were the conditions of available hardware? Of course, PARQ will also ask you to rate the drivers. Did they leave your spot the same shape they found it in? Let us and your fellow users know! Alternatively, they will also ask you to fill out surveys so PARQ can stay on top of what you, as a user, find most important. PARQ wants to be able to build the platform that you would actually love to use, and to do this properly they need as much of your feedback and input as possible. Finally, PARQ will ask you to share with us data that includes but is not limited to parking duration, average search time, price ranges and the like. Help us provide you with the service you expect. All data-related requests will be rewarded with a modest amount of PARQ tokens, how much exactly will depend on a few factors such as accuracy, volume and usefulness. In the future, you will find more detailed information on this system on the PARQ website.

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