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Introducing ZipCoin, Blockchain Based Decentralized Remittance and Payment Solution

Through blockchain technology, ZipCoin shall be a robust, simple, secure and easy to use cryptocurrency trading platform designed for everyone, anyplace and anytime. The ZipCoinExchange engine is a digital market where online traders can buy and sell bitcoins and altcoins at market established exchange rates. It is an online platform that acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency.

ZipCoin Token Will be Used for Fee Payments While Operating the Exchange

ZipCoin Exchange will have commission fees for transactions that apply to each completed purchase and sale orders conducted through the exchange. The rate depends on the volume. Included in the ZipCoin platform, is the ZipCoin Trade engines, the ZipCoin Customer Support, first-class security system, Know Your Customer” (KYC), the ZipCoin bank partnerships, transaction history, and liquidity on the ZipCoin exchange, the secure ZipCoin wallets and an advanced Admin dashboard for regulating the activities within the Trade Exchange. As ZipCoin grow, ZipCoin shall incorporate banking services using ZipCoin Financial Service Providers (FSP), Word of Mouth (WM) and Referral Community Program to advocate, educate and provide awareness around blockchain technology. The ZipCoin team has experienced and seasoned professionals from various backgrounds and skill sets. This diverse background will enable the team to understand other cultures, collaborate, engage and work in tandem while driving results and high customer satisfaction.

The ZipCoin token will be used for fee payments while operating the Exchange. ZipCoin technology shall integrate the Banking processes with the exchange to enable the users the ability to deposit and withdraw fiat money at any given user, place and time. Yes, the ZipCoin platform shall provide services and products that actually solve people every day’s challenges. Check for more here:

Introducing ZipCoin, Blockchain Based Decentralized Remittance, and Payment Solution

ZipCoin is a blockchain based decentralized remittance and payment solution which will enhance businesses and individuals in the $104B remit industry. ZIPCO token revolutionizes the remittance industry with the creation of its EOS blockchain powered payment system, which facilitates all types of remittance businesses a safe, secure, swift and reliable payment solution. The ecosystem guarantees the safety and reduces rejections that people sending money to their families have to face when they want to send or remit money using financial institutions. To make financial transactions easy and to get rid of the conventional payment methods, the company introduces its ZIPCO token, which makes all remittance transactions possible for remit businesses worldwide. It is a community, employee-owned, operated ICO and trading exchange designed to decrease existing barriers to entry in blockchain technology for all users across the globe. 

Designed to Primarily Serve as a Solution to a Major Problem, Becoming a Valuable Token and Highly Used for Millions of Businesses and Individuals

ZIPCO token is designed to primarily serve as a solution to a major problem, becoming a valuable token and highly used for millions of businesses and individuals. ZipCoin has the vision to touch the lives of their communities globally by creating jobs and to become the most preferred Online Money Transfer Company in Africa backed by cutting edge technology, dedicated team, excellent customer service, and an unstoppable passion for improving and reducing the cost associated with remitting fee where a large share of the African and other emerging remit market uses one unified token; ZIPCO, for all their transactions. ZipCoin mission is to provide the services with affordable, reliable, hassle-free, secure and convenient money transfer services to their valued customers. To maintain collaboration, engagement and lifelong relationship with ZipCoin customers and partners by providing customized remittance services to ensure good corporate governance and integrity in dealing with community issues, challenges, and opportunities. 

ZipCoin is by far a better alternative to many other remittance businesses in the Money Services Business (MSB) that charges customers high processing and foreign exchange rate fees. All businesses in the industry have two consistent things in common; they are related to the remit industry and they have a problem with their payment providers. Join ZipCoin telegram community here
Banned from payment providers
  • High fees
  • No guarantees
  • No anonymity
  • Lack of Peer-to-Peer remitting

ZipCoin is also have identified the most pain points of de-centralized and centralized exchanges
  • Market illiquidity and volatility
  • Inadequate information
  • The insecurity of crypto trading
  • Lack of Peer-to-Peer trading
  • Poor customer support and security
  • Lack of inclusiveness and presence in emerging markets and remote areas
  • Complicated Systems for users to navigate
  • Lack of tangible ROI besides Capital gains on your token

ZipCoin’s Solution to the Problems “Businesses make more profits while consumers spend less”
  • ZIPCO token will approach all the aforementioned markets and offer a reliable payment solution;
  • Full ownership of money: (Digital currencies are independent of any the third party)
  • Low fees: (The payment providers who do allow accounts for remit, ICO & blockchain industry-related businesses and individuals charge very high fees, because the competition is almost non-existent). This instantly means businesses make more profits while consumers spend less.
  • Security: (The infrastructure which underpins the blockchain technology carries a huge advantage for the banking sector of any industry. Through blockchain data of transactions is stored across vast networks of computers that constantly check and verify information with each other. The blockchain system is near-impenetrable even to the brightest cyber-minds
  • Guaranteed anonymity: (Due to the EOSIO based blockchain platform, digital currency transactions will allow guaranteed anonymity. Once KYC has been completed once, the customer will not be asked for an ID each time she/he sends money online via ZipCoin portal; unless specified.
  • A united currency: (Once more and more customers join ZipCoin, the use of ZIPCO token in the industry will eliminate largely transaction costs, because all transactions will eventually be made through one united currency.
  • Helping their customers: (With ZIPCO tokens customers can enjoy financial freedom, control their account and receive their payments directly, securely, swiftly, without large fees and with full anonymity towards the paying end.

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