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Introducing Saturn Black, Liquidity Provider for Cryptocurrency Markets

Today, the status of gold as a standard of value goes into the digital field. Bitcoin - digital gold. Bitcoin is limited in quantity, requires mining costs and is used as a payment instrument. The launch of Bitcoin has led to the emergence of software in the industry based on the blockchain technology and the emergence of Bitcoin analogs, offering to solve actual problems or expanding infrastructure for using Bitcoin. Due to the fact that the share value of the total Bitcoins is estimated at 50% capitalization of a crypto market, other digital assets are called “Altcoins”, implying "an alternative asset Bitcoin.

The Creation of Over 2000 Altcoins Led to the Emergence of Followers and the Development of a Speculative Market of Crypto Assets

The creation of over 2000 altcoins led to the emergence of followers and the development of a speculative market of crypto assets, which can be conditionally divided into 2 types:
  • Cryptocurrency is a unit created as a universal payment instrument based on computer encryption protocol and not controlled by third parties, such as governments and central banks. Decentralization is an essential sign of cryptocurrency.
  • Token is a payment unit created as a payment instrument inside infrastructure environment of the company, with partially or fully centralized device. Tokens can be secured and unsecured. Below, XSAT will return to this issue. Sometimes tokens are compared to stocks of traditional companies. 
And the crypto market can be compared with the traditional speculative stock market, where altcoins are quoted assets and Bitcoin is a quotation asset. The society is at the beginning of launching a new type of crypto assets - centralized government cryptocurrencies or digital currencies. In the meantime, Bitcoin continues to take place as the main cryptocurrency, attracting the attention of traditional capital owners more and more often.

Due to lack of infrastructure for ordinary consumers who use cryptocurrencies in everyday purchases, the main value crypto assets - use as a speculative instrument. Volatility, the exchange spread, and sufficient liquidity are necessary to attract the attention of speculators to any market, and Bitcoin has these three components for speculation. 

Saturn With Purpose the Creation of a Qualitatively New, Liquid and Safe Over the Counter Market

Saturn is a symbiosis of the convenience of direct atomic exchange of crypto assets and reliability of the third party guarantor. Legal and secure transactions for crypto market players with purpose the creation of a qualitatively new, liquid and safe over-the-counter market.
  1. OTC cross-chain trading Planned to launch in early December 2108 The OTC Saturn service is oriented to professional investors. The task of Saturn, as a liquidity operator, is the provision of a two-sided trading volume in the over-the-counter market, exceeding the average market trading volume, with an increased limit of the minimum volume of orders. Orders will be partially secured by Saturn assets and direct P2P orders via the atomic cross-chain protocol on the protocol.
  2. OTC auction Planned to launch in 3Q 2019 Saturn launches an auction of crypto assets of various levels of liquidity. Large lots of assets attracted by Saturn services on Token Sale will be exhibited at an over-the-counter auction at the starting market price. Also, it is planned to fulfill orders for sales of large lots supplied by companies beneficiaries of assets directly. Saturn already allows atomic exchange from the list of TOP liquid assets: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, EOS and others. The list is constantly updated.
  3. Exchange of atomic trades It is planned to implement to 4Q 2019 Saturn will launch a P2P exchange on the protocol. According to analysts, in the next 15 years, the capitalization of the crypto market will grow to 80 trillion USD. The demand for crypto assets will continue to grow, as the previous 10 years since the launch of the decentralized network of digital gold - Bitcoin.
  4. Transactions with EURO and USD Partially implemented. It is planned to expand to 4Q 2019 - 1Q 2020 Saturn is working on a fiat currency exchange infrastructure by the atomic exchange, an over-the-counter cross-chain trade, an over-the-counter auction. It is already possible to use the exchange of crypto assets for the equivalent of USD - USDT or GUSD. They continue to work on this exchange direction. 

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