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Introducing Migranet, Global Immigration Powered by AI & Blockchain

Migranet is the world's first AI blockchain migration platform. Migranet presents a one-stop solution to migrants and accredited migration practitioners by automating the processing of migration applications. It also assists refugees with their skills assessment so they can be integrated into their host country post selection. Migrants will use the Migranet platform to upload their professional credentials and background declaration during the application stage, prior to professional assessment. Their credentials and background declaration will then be stored on the blockchain. The built-in smart contracts will also provide protection to migrants from fraud, malpractice, and misrepresentation.  

Migranet Introduces MIG, a Unified Cryptographic Utility Token, Which Will be Used for the Payment of Services on the Migranet Platform.

The Migranet platform will auto-update regulations, policies and case laws that will assist the migrants and the accredited migration practitioners in the application process. Artificial Intelligence will offer individuals with options and freedom to select their host country based on the outcome of their professional credentials and their background declaration. The Migranet Platform addresses the payment issues that migrants and migration practitioners encounter globally. These issues include migrants who don't have access to credit cards, high conversion rate, delays in the transfer of funds and high banking fees. Migranet introduces MIG, a unified cryptographic utility token, which will be used for the payment of services on the Migranet platform. 

Migranet's Vision is to Create a Global Community of Immigrants, Travelers, and Processing Systems in a Standardized Automated Migration Ecosystem.

Migranet has a vision that is to create a global community of immigrants, travelers, and processing systems in a standardized automated migration ecosystem. The result of this vision is a platform that facilitates a fraud-free, corruption-free, and affordable means to migrate and/or travel in a transparent and secure manner. Migranet’s is also trying to optimize immigration-related processes through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics and Blockchain technology. This will improve speed, fairness, accuracy, and accountability throughout the global migration system.

Migranet believes that offering a utility token for migration services will provide unbanked migrants (and other applicants) full transparency and fairness for all services provided on the platform. Furthermore, Migranet maintains that without a radically transparent and automated system, immigrants worldwide will continue to be marginalized by the inefficiencies of current immigration practices, which stand to worsen as globalization, population, size, and immigration increases. Migranet empowers individuals to exercise their born right to explore the world in a secure and reliable way. 

Migranet Will Offer Some Interesting Services For the World

Migranet will offer the following services:
  1. Migranet will provide a platform where the migrant’s credentials will be assessed by AI. Once the assessment is complete, the migrant will be provided with all possible options of the host countries based on their eligibility. The professional opinion will be provided at no cost to the migrant.
  2. Once the migrant selects the country of their choice and agrees to process their application using Migranet, a fee of $500.00 USD for immigration or $150.00 USD for temporary applications such as (Work, Student or Visa) will be applied. Payment will be made via MIG tokens to the equivalent amount of USD. The application will be submitted to the visa intake office.
  3. Migranet will partner with selected law firms around the world to process cases such as appeal, asylum and family class application, or any other situation where legal intervention is required.
  4. Migranet will assign refugees a biometrics-based ID that will be saved on the blockchain to ensure that the identity of the refugee is secure, private and immutable. Biometric-based identification will also assist the hosting country with refugee resettlement.
  5. To ensure the safety of the refugees and to keep their original identity private, the assigned the biometric ID will not include their legal name, date of birth and the country of origin - only the encrypted hash.
  6. Migranet’s AI technology will assist the refugees with credential verification that will expedite their resettlement in the host country.
  7. As a value-oriented organization, Migranet will create a Migranet Charity Fund after the platform becomes operational. A portion of the profit will be dedicated to helping those who experience hardships during migration.
  8. Migranet's goal is to have 75 offices worldwide, to assist migrants with applications, fiat currency to MIG token conversion in online customer service. However, Migranet will start with one office in each region. There will be one office in each major continent (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia). Migranet will have embassies in all the above six continents. Having offices in different countries will enable it to operate with the mandate of an embassy.

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