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Introducing Love Air Coffee, Innovative Coffee Blockchain Company

Profitability statistics for the sale of finished drink ranges from 600 to 1500 percent. It is quite simple to calculate the profitability of an espresso cup. The average price of good whole-bean coffee is on average 10 USD per kilogram. For one cup (30 ml) you need 7-8 g of coffee ($ 0.15). The average price of espresso in coffee points ranges from $ 0.75 to $ 2, and some points charge up to $ 3-4 per cup. About 140 servings of excellent coffee are made from a kilogram of coffee. Therefore, on average, a kilogram of coffee using the example of an espresso cup yields 1000-4000 percent profitability. 

The problems arising in the coffee market are primarily related to the climate and insufficient automation in some regions of coffee beans, the quality of the supplied beans, poor infrastructure, consumer preferences, and the fact that there are many intermediaries who should be paid while exporting coffee, and, of course, constant price fluctuations. In recent years, there has been a problem of consumer fraud with the help of distorted and inaccurate information about the product, and the harm caused by pests and diseases affecting coffee trees. Latin American countries currently produce most of the coffee consumed in the world, with Colombia and Brazil being leading manufacturers. Brazil accounts for almost the third of all coffee production on the continent. However, coffee plants in these countries suffer from various diseases and pests. Coffee leaf rust is the biggest threat that can lead to a significant drop in coffee production, and affect the quality of the drink.

Coffee Production than the Previous Season due to the Two-year Peculiarity of Coffee Growing

The latest report has indicated that coffee production in The 2017-2018 season will be about 45.56 million bags, which is 10% less than the previous season due to the two-year peculiarity of coffee growing. The coffee tree productivity consists of alternations: one year it comes with large flowering, followed by another the year with less intense flowering, in which the plant is restored after the exhaustion of the previous season.

A Coffee Consumption Crisis is Occurring in these Regions

From the information taken from the representatives of the coffee industry and coffee trade of Western European and North American countries, there is a completely definite image: a coffee consumption crisis is occurring in these regions. The demand for this product in the established markets is decreasing as its traditional consumers are becoming older, and the younger generation, entering the period of “active drinking”, is surrounded by temptations such as countless drinks of the new wave, as well as the well-known and widely available soft drinks. If we believe the forecasts promising full saturation of the existing world coffee markets for several years, then we should expect the emergence of excellent opportunities in developing markets, whose growth has so far been constrained only by coffee prices.  

Love Air Coffee Solution

Coffee demand, as well as coffee supply, is growing every year, coffee is considered to be the best-selling product in the world, but the processing and roasting of beans is not globally changed, modernization and quality improvement of roasting is progressing, but every year these steps are less and less.
Love Air Coffee solution allows:
  • Fully change the coffee industry
  • Minimize coffee weight loss
  • Improve product quality
  • Save a large number of beneficial properties in coffee beans
  • Significantly improve the taste of the drink
  • Get more income
Blockchain technology is ideal for analyzing the market from a more detailed perspective. It is a directly accurate analysis of the implementation of a particular brand, showing decentralizes trust in the brand. The blockchain helps to control the authenticity of the product itself and its implementation, which first of all will give the consumer confidence in the brand reliability.

Love Air Coffee team developed and assembled a coffee roaster based on air technology, and roasted coffee on it quickly gained its popularity due to its taste, aroma and great benefits. As the air coffee itself could easily be replaced with a drum roaster coffee, Love Air Coffee decided to create a brand, and implement a certain system into the product realization that helps control the authenticity of air roasting.

With the help of air roasting, it is possible to
  • Minimize the number of defects that occur on the beans in contact with hot metal (cracks, grooves, charring, etc.), thereby preserving all the trace elements and minerals, which makes the drink much healthier
  • Ensure equal and high-quality roasting of the whole mass of raw materials, which has a positive effect on the taste of the finished the drink, making it pleasantly soft
  • Avoid contact of the beans with smoke destroying their exquisite natural aroma
  • Reduce the duration of the procedure to 13-15 minutes
  • Regulate the intensity and degree of raw material processing, so that it can meet the demands and taste preferences of consumers to the maximum

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