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Introducing Ferrum Network and its Five Master Plans

We live in a multi-token world, with thousands of digital assets residing across hundreds of separate blockchains. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, IOTA, and EOS are all examples of major digital currencies with their own unique use cases. The ecosystem benefits from a wide variety of networks, tokens, and projects, all aiming to build a fairer, more inclusive world. However, a fundamental challenge remains – how to enable communication, transaction, and exchange across hundreds of separate and distinct networks? In other words, how can we enable the myriad blockchains to interoperate?

The current solutions to the challenge of interoperability, such as atomic swaps and decentralized ERC-20 networks are laudable, yet greatly limited in terms of speed, scalability, and functionality. To date, a decentralized network enabling the fast, inexpensive and functional exchange of any digital asset across any blockchain has not been successfully implemented. Instead, powerful centralized exchanges have been erected, wielding outsized influence over the ecosystem, introducing third-party risk, and undermining Nakomoto’s original vision. At the same time, many existing offerings of decentralized exchanges are not satisfactory due to a combination of limited token offerings, poor user experience, and slow transaction times.

Ferrum Network, Enabling the Fast and Inexpensive Peer-to-peer Exchange of any Digital Asset, Regardless of Originating Blockchain

Ferrum is a decentralized platform where users can manage, transact and exchange their digital assets without passing the custody of their assets to a third-party. Built on a directed-acyclic graph (DAG) network, Ferrum has inherent advantages over traditional blockchains in terms of speed, cost, and scalability. By utilizing Ferrum’s groundbreaking technology to securely import and export value across chains, users can deposit any asset into Ferrum Network creating a proxy token that can be transacted and exchanged using the UniFyre Wallet or other forthcoming exchange products. To get started with Ferrum Network products, users can purchase their digital assets directly with fiat money using our fiat gateways, beginning with our West African based fiat gateway, Kudi Exchange.

First, Kudi Exchange

The Kudi Exchange and mobile wallet allow users to purchase Bitcoin and other digital assets directly with fiat. The mobile wallet even allows users to send digital fiat money peer-to-peer using just What’s App and SMS numbers. No database and no intermediaries are needed. In addition, Kudi Exchange will be the first and only platform on the continent of Africa to offer the U.S. Dollar backed stable coin, Gemini Dollar.

Second, UniFyre Wallet

The next product in our line of financial application that runs on the network will be the UniFyre Wallet, which will have unique features for sending and receiving transactions that allow users to engage in risk-free and near-instant peer-to-peer exchanges of the following digital assets, with many more being integrated: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, True USD, Gemini Dollar, and the Ferrum Token, FRM. As of this writing, BNB, EOS, NEO and other major assets are being integrated into the Ferrum Network. Because both parties must authorize a transaction before it is executed, the UniFyre Wallet also enables risk-free, near instant over-the-counter (OTC) trading at a fraction of the usual cost.

Third, Infinity DEX

In addition, users will be able to trade their assets over Ferrum’s user-friendly yet sophisticated decentralized exchange, the Infinity DEX. The Infinity DEX will have advanced features such as decentralized risk-free high-frequency trading, margin smart contracts for short selling assets, and an AI trading assistant; features that exist nowhere else in the DEX space. Users can engage in countless fast and inexpensive transactions over the Ferrum Network, and at any time they can securely withdraw their assets back to their original blockchains.

Forth, Zub-Zero Wallet

Finally, to further our vision of cryptocurrencies being used for day-to-day needs, we realized we could not ignore the problem of storing private keys for the wallet. For the first time, users will be able to store their assets safely and securely with our low-cost, ultra-secure cold storage application: The Sub-Zero Wallet. The Sub-Zero Wallet solves two major problems in the cold-storage market: accessibility and cost. For the first time, anyone in the world can turn an old Android phone into the most secure and mobile cold-storage solution. The app allows users to securely store digital assets offline, and when ready to exchange and transact, instantly send those assets to a hot wallet (UniFyre Wallet) using QR codes. Because the Sub-Zero Wallet will run on the Ferrum Network, it will be automatically integrated with our decentralized exchange technology allowing you to seamlessly move your assets from cold storage onto an exchange or wallet.

Last but not Least, Ferrum Token

Ferrum Network will run on its native utility token, the Ferrum Token, or FRM, as the “gas” of the network. Spending FRM is necessary to prevent malicious actors from spamming the network and attach proof to the transaction. It will also be used to execute transactions, import/export value, and enable the use of our products. Spending FRM burns FRM, so the system inherently limits the supply.

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