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Introducing Dexon, Designed to Solve the Problems Inherent in Other Blockchain Systems.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the Internet from a client-server/centralized architecture to a distributed/decentralized architecture. However, existing blockchain technology is unable to achieve the performance requirements of modern real-world practical mass-adopted applications because of limitations inherent to their architecture.

To solve this, the DEXON Consensus Algorithm has reinvented how blockchain technology works with its novel Byzantine Agreement and verifiable random function (VRF). The DEXON Consensus Algorithm is highly scalable, fast finality, and Byzantine fault tolerant. Furthermore, the DEXON inter-chain bridging protocol can support any kind of DLT to be bridged onto the DEXON Network-making it inter-operable between different blockchain systems. DEXON is designed to solve the fundamental bottlenecks that hinder the mass adoption of blockchain technology. The following are the DEXON Network’s design goals:


  • Support billions of users.
  • Create a highly scalable, fast finality, and secure consensus layer.
  • Create a highly scalable and limitlessly parallelizable smart contract execution layer.
  • Create a highly scalable decentralized storage layer, featuring a data persistent decentralized ledger, decentralized file storage, and decentralized key-value data store.

Advanced Smart Contract Programming Platform

  • Developer-friendly ledger API and smart contract programming language design.
  • Upgradable smart contract capability.

Inter-Chain Protocol

  • Inter-chain assets and transactions bridging capability.
  • Decentralized inter-chain digital asset exchange capability.

Developer-Friendly Software Stack

  • Modular package designs for key software components.
  • DevOps-friendly docker -based software delivery.
  • Lightweight node capability for mobile and IoT devices.

Other Desirable Features

  • Built-in native support for multi-signature accounts and transactions.
  • Built-in native support for comprehensive role-based access control.
  • Full node software over-the-air upgradability.
  • Sustainable governance mechanism.
  • User privacy-centric design

DEXON is a distributed ledger technology designed to solve the problems inherent in other blockchain systems. It provides high scalability, fast finality, and top-notch security while maintaining all the key features we love from the existing blockchain systems.

DEXON Technology

Unbiased Randomness
DEXON’s on-chain random oracle enables a more secure smart contract environment, making the randomness property in the smart contract impossible to predict and manipulate.

High Throughput
The DEXON Consensus Algorithm can process 10K+ transactions per second in a single shard, outperforming other popular blockchain systems.

Fast Finality
The DEXON Consensus Algorithm outperforms other popular blockchain systems as it can confirm transactions within 1 second, allowing developers to create DApps with the best user experience on DEXON.

Fully Decentralized
DEXON can scale to thousands of nodes without compromising security and speed while other mainstream PoS blockchain systems pale in comparison.

Ultra Secure
The DEXON Consensus Algorithm is one of the very few algorithms that has been mathematically proven to be secure, preventing the DEXON network from being attacked by Byzantine nodes.

Low Transaction Fee
The DEXON Consensus Algorithm is efficient and does not require its network to waste energy on solving PoW puzzles. The transaction fees will thus be negligible and lower than 0.001 USD.

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