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Ferrum Network's Infinity DEX and its Advanced Features

The Infinity DEX will operate much like a centralized exchange, matching makers and takers over an intuitive and simple order book and matching engine. However, all trades are conducted over Ferrum’s decentralized network. Like any centralized exchange, buyers and sellers can execute market orders, limit orders, and stop orders. The interface will be familiar to everyone in the crypto community and easy for novices to use. With the Infinity DEX, we aim to build the best decentralized
digital asset exchange in the world. We believe it is not enough for an exchange, even if it is decentralized, to be very fast and inexpensive. By learning from our team with significant experience in the FinTech space and on Wall Street, the Infinity DEX will launch advanced features that are currently only available to sophisticated, high-net-worth investors such as hedge funds. With the use of artificial intelligence, we will make those advanced features easy to use for the average retail customer.

Investor’s AI Assistant

In most exchanges, the user can usually place market, limit, or stop orders. These are useful tools for executing a trade, but they do not help with decision making about trades. An informed trade decision
about a trade, at minimum, should take several pieces of information into account:
  • Market sentiment about the asset;
  • News articles, tweets and public Telegram chatter about the asset;
  • Trades of co-related assets in the same and other markets; and
  • Short term and long-term technical movements of the price

In addition to the above, several other techniques such as hedging positions and forming an optimal portfolio can affect short-term and long-term results for an investor. Ferrum’s AI Trading Assistance will monitor news outlets, Twitter feeds, and public Telegram chatter for any relevant mention of digital assets. It will then combine that stream of data with price and order book information from the market to identify critical moments for the price movements. Users of the Infinity DEX will be notified, according to different AI algorithms, what critical movements are possible, and let the user make an informed decision about entering or exiting a position.

Margin Trading with Infinity DEX

Another feature of the Infinity DEX will be a marketplace for users to borrow digital assets from each other. Imagine Bob believes that the price of ETH will go down compared to BTC. Whereas, Alice holds hundreds of ETH tokens and has no intention of selling any time soon. Through the Infinity DEX, Bob and Alice can enter into a margin short sell smart contract, where Bob can borrow ETH from Alice by putting a deposit and selling it for BTC. If the price of ETH drops as Bob predicted, he can buy back the ETH plus some fee and release his deposit. Bob has made a profit and Alice has made some income by lending her ETH to Bob. On the other hand, if the price of ETH increases compared to BTC, Bob may need to exit the position and lose his deposit or increase the margin on his deposit. This is known as short selling in equity markets.

In the crypto market, brokers typically provide margin accounts and allow investors to short tokens, but Ferrum will provide that functionality using its peer-to-peer marketplace and smart contracts.

This is the advantages Infinity DEX vs Other DEX

Ferrum Network is a blockchain-based FinTech company with products, users and network utility. We’re bringing world-class financial applications to emerging markets and aim to empower millions of people around the world with non-custodial financial applications. Our advanced financial products run on top of a DAG-based interoperability network that connects to nearly any blockchain and works natively with fiat currencies. It’s like the Lightning Network, but for every blockchain. Our test-net is already interoperable with the Bitcoin network, Ethereum network, and Ripple network.

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