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Hypnoxys is Helping People Around The World

Hypnoxys platform is made in a way that improves the chatting industry. The app offers various level of flexibility to the holders. The app encourages more people to register on the platform and earn revenue spending time on the app. The payment methods used by Hypnoxys and its universal nature enables users across the world to access its services efficiently. The platform is easy to use and users have virtually endless choices of services to choose from. The presence of end-to-end data encryption helps in reducing data security costs and thus the benefits will be enjoyed by the final user of the app.

Possibility of Anonymous Communication

Hypnoxys helps its users with the possibility of anonymous communication. People can chat in groups and public chats with data encrypted thus securing information for different parties.

Communication channel for many Bussiness

The app can also be used as a communication channel for many businesses since it gives an opportunity to create an information channel that many businesses and companies can use to promptly inform their customers about the company's news and promotions, as well as to conduct interactive promotions, including remuneration and getting paid using our ads system

Customers are Rewarded

Hypnoxys allows for channels to be created in it which are subscription based with payments in tokens. Customers are rewarded for their time in the app and this encourages the developers to add more features in the app. Many people can increase the amount of money earned from the app by creating large public groups in which there will be integrated ads and with a referral system implemented as a CPC, CPV systems (Cost per click, Cost per view).

All of the main functions are FREE

All the main functions of Hypnoxys are absolutely free. A fee is charged 2% for the conversion between HYPXR to HYPX tokens. Due to our HYPXR system (Hypnoxys as a reward), the company generates money by the conversion of the tokens generated by users viewing ads. 

Low space memory use in our device 

Thanks to the optimization and code refactoring, the Hypnoxys application will not occupy much space in the device memory and the use of hardware encryption will save battery power thus helping many people across the globe to access the app.

Hypnoxys platform pays users to use the chat with the functionality of adding ads on the app and obtain more revenue. The app is different from other chatting apps since when you download the app, ads are disabled, unlike the other apps which enable ads. The users of the app are given the opportunity to decide if they want to earn extra money.

Cryptocurrency Adoption The adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies seems to be permeating many industries in different sectors of the economy most particular trade and logistics, finance and other areas where transactions occur. The use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies payment and transactions is gradually increasing globally and the problem faced is the lack of regulatory protection and price volatility which deters its wider use.

Hypnoxys is one of the cryptocurrency projects that are currently emerging. The platform has introduced blockchain technology into the chatting industry to encourage the growth of the industry adopting the usage of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The Hypnoxys team has a mission of promoting the use of cryptocurrencies among the general public. In order to familiarize people with cryptocurrency usage, they have included support for various payment options alongside the platform's usage of tokens. HYPX tokens remain the primary mode of value exchange on the platform but people can still earn money using other cryptocurrencies and even ethereum. By using tokens in their platforms, Hypnoxys is ensuring that individuals who are not used to using online money such as bitcoins are not left out and it helps many people to enter the digital currency domain or blockchain. Once the individuals are on board and are able to earn revenue after viewing ads on the app, they are sensitized and taught on how to manage crypto tokens. The support and sensitization will be available until each individual is capable of managing the tokens in the platform.
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