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How Sessia's Apps Works for the Client

Sessia has a mission which is to remove any intermediaries such as marketing agencies and social networks between businesses and customers, regardless of their location or origin. In Sessia, brands can directly communicate with customers and reward them for making purchases and for promoting their products to others via crypto-cashbacks worldwide. Such an approach allows businesses to distribute a marketing budget among people who really brought in new clients without paying 3rd parties for advertising. To become a real global service, Sessia is issuing their “KICKs” tokens. Kicks were designed to provide the fastest and cheapest cashback solution operating all around the world without being limited to each country’s regulation systems. Kicks are not just another cryptocurrency, but a real tool of interaction between all participants of a social market. As a result, They can significantly increase the use of cryptocurrencies in the real economy. But how it works? And what they offer on their apps to the user.

How it Works for Business

To begin operating Sessia, a business needs to download SESSIA BUSINESS version. This provides access to the Sessia platform, which is the core of their blockchain-powered ecosystem. Key elements of the platform are Sessia wallet, e-shop constructor, the marketplace, and reports. 

Sessia Wallet

The secure Sessia wallet allows brands and users to control token account balances and make transactions. In order to start using Kicks and provide cashbacks and kickbacks, the business has to top up its Kicks balance by buying Kicks in its Wallet. It can also select a minimum kicks balance and Sessia will automatically buy additional Kicks when needed. Kicks can be purchased by bank transfer, by debit/credit card, and by other crypto-currencies.

E-Shop Constructor

The e-shop constructor is a user-friendly, free-of-charge tool to build and manage a mobile e-shop within the Sessia ecosystem on all available platforms. It allows even inexperienced users to easily configure products and services as well as control orders. The constructor allows the user to upload pictures of the products, Fill out product descriptions, set the price, configure the levels of cashback/kickback parameters and manage content once the e-shop is built. The business can sell its products at e-shop for all the standard payment systems and for Kicks as well.

Reports Section

The reports section provides detailed sales information, customer purchase history, and profiles. Businesses also can send different type of notifications to clients and select special discounts and rebates for some of the clients or client groups.


In the marketplace section, a business can see catalogs of its products and its news feed, where a store can make its own publications on business news and promotions. A business can use its own payment gateway in order to make the product sales directly at Sessia. If the business does not have its own payment gateway, then it can use Sessia’s payment gateway.

Sessia’s ideology is to build a transparent ecosystem community that unites customers and brands and eliminates any intermediaries, such as banks and advertising platforms, to the mutual benefit of all participants. Their approach motivates brands to extend Sessia among customers and motivates customers to buy through Sessia and invite friends to make purchases. As customers will be paid for any purchases their friends make, they will be encouraged to invite all their contacts to join the Sessia community. Nevertheless, Sessia will launch a special “KICKERS PROGRAM” early on in order to incentivize the rapid process of people joining Sessia and to motivate brands to join the community. Any person can become a “Kicker” and get extra money for inviting new brands and people to join Sessia.

Sessia Creates Principles for Organizing Relationships Between Customers, Brands, Sessia, and Kickers

Before the Sessia launch, Sessia will create principles for organizing relationships between customers, brands, Sessia, and Kickers. Kickers will have special tasks and KPIs to fulfill. Besides standard cashbacks and kickbacks, they will get additional rewards in Kicks and even fiat money, if appropriate.

Sessia also has a plan to establish a self-regulating community reward system for useful activities such as translations, surveys, localization, and promotion, giving brands an additional convenient tool to attract customers. The rating system will be an additional motivation for kickers to support and develop the Sessia community. They see popular bloggers as the first potential kickers since many of them already advertise different types of products and services. Sessia will propose that the blogger posts her/his QR code while advertising the products that s/he is already advertising on other platforms. Once the blogger’s followers buy an advertised product, the blogger will receive kickbacks from all sales made to followers. 

This is in addition to the standard compensation that s/he gets from the company whose products are being advertised. In short, this is significant and long-term the additional money that the blogger will be making from the job that s/he is already doing. This approach is a win-win-win for all three sides. For companies, as advertising from a blogger will be more efficient and more convertible to sales, the blogger will receive more money for the job that he is already doing and Sessia will receive a new corporate client and many new users. Sessia believes this approach is very simple, trackable and cost-effective. Development of the “KICKERS PROGRAM” will assume up to 70% of the marketing budget. The other 30% will be used for Sessia community promotion via standard advertising channels worldwide. In summary, their marketing approach is contributing to building a new social marketplace. This approach is at the core of their business.

KICK Usages

Using Kicks to create currency circulation as well as supply and demand the mechanism is an important part of the Sessia society. Kicks are useful in multiple cases:
  • Brands will use Kicks for paying cashbacks and kickbacks
  • Sessia will use Kicks to motivate kickers while brands can launch their own promotional campaigns that use kicks to incentivize kickers
  • Customers can exchange kicks for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies. Kicks can also be used to buy selected products from brands
  • Brands can use kicks to pay for pre-installed Sessia tools such as promotional auto-calls or SMS notifications
  • Customers can use kicks to buy Sessia in-app virtual gifts such as flowers and stickers
  • Brands can use kicks for their suppliers or counterparties once the P2P market is launched

Each of the above activities will result in an increase in kick liquidity and price. 

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