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Genuina Core, Genuina MS, and Genuina Interactive as PBET Solutions

PBET has solutions which are made up of 3 main components that perfectly interact and mix together: Genuina Core, Genuina Management system (that could be compiled with Genuina Core) as well as Genuina Interactive. These are the three distinct commercial packages made available to their online gaming clientele. Aligned with the PBET vision and business model, PBET will focus mainly on options A and B (illustrated in the next figure) given that they are specifically built to address the convergence within the gaming industry. 

(1) Combining Genuina Core with Genuina Interactive through options A as shown in the figure 3 results in Pbet unified gaming platform: mainly, this option integrates their land-based Genuina management system as part of the solution
(2) Combining Genuina Core with Genuina Interactive through option B as shown in figure 3, results in unifying the gaming solution for land-based and online gaming while physical operations are managed by 3rd party CMS
(3) Genuina Interactive as a standalone product: supports conventional online gaming sites without integrating land-based operations. 

Genuina Management System Connects Gaming Machines through Industry-protocols (SAS 6.02) Allowing the Generation of Multiple Game Analysis Report

Genuina Management System, Pbet's product, Genuina Management System is currently deployed in land-based casinos and allows management of all in-premises operational aspects. Genuina Management system connects gaming machines through industry-protocols (SAS 6.02) allowing the generation of multiple game analysis reports. This product includes modules like financial transaction management, operational management, advanced marketing capabilities, alerts, and government reporting as well as multi currencies and crypto support. Additionally, web and mobile applications empower operators in decision-making thanks to portability and real-time events handling. Genuina Management System is certified by International labs and homologated in countries wherever particular governmental guidelines are specified.

Genuina Core is Basically Pbet's Innovative Solution that Pbet Call the Omnichannel Brain

Genuina Core, As presented in figure 3 below, Genuina Core is basically pbet's innovative solution that Pbet call the Omnichannel Brain. Genuina Core can interact with any land-based casino management system. As a matter of fact, Pbet has conceived Genuina Core with specific recipes, know-how, and algorithms allowing unleashing full synergetic potentiality between land-based and interactive gaming. This module remedies most of the challenges presented in the previous section regarding the convergence in gaming. Genuina Core is CMS-agnostic. This means that it can grant the same synergetic benefits regardless of the Casino Management System used by Land-based operators. This gives us access to a wider market when it comes to small to mid-size casinos since Pbet is able to smartly bridge their Land-based gaming online without requiring them to change the system they use presently. 

Genuina Interactive is a Complete and Cohesive Turnkey Online Gaming Management Platform that Allows us to Select from a Large Variety of Third-party Reputable Content

Genuina Interactive, Genuina Interactive is a complete and cohesive turnkey online gaming management platform that allows us to select from a large variety of third-party reputable content: casino games, live studio table games, Instant games, sports betting and in-play betting. Rather than repeating all of the basics, yet wonderful features that all reputable online gambling site operators must have in order to state their offered i-gaming solutions, Pbet would like to focus on three upcoming key features considered as main differentiators with Genuina Interactive.

Peer to peer betting A decentralized way of betting on anything and against anyone as long as players are registered on the platform. For a transaction to occur there must be at least one player that creates a wager while at least one player is interested in betting against such available wager(s). In this case, PBET takes a small fixed fee and will automatically transfer the money to the account of the winning player(s).

Peer-to-peer Betting A Decentralized Way of Betting on Anything and Against Anyone as long as Players are Registered on the Platform

Expand the pleasure This feature allows players to play without having to wager real-money and play social games for fun. For some social games, when bylaws allow, Pbet grants a possibility to win big prizes, the price is subject to a small participation fee. A casino can benefit greatly from having a social gaming site built as a marketing tool empowered by geolocation technologies to attract players. This strategy increases a casino’s customer base by reaching users that are not currently in their customer base. An example of a social attraction strategy is to select 10 top players granting them entry to a bigger tournament on the operator’s site while maintaining that their presence is required to claim the big prize.

Social networking, meet new people Critics that claim that i-gaming steals players from physical premises can now consider this as being an erroneous cannibalization fear. Real life figures and statistics prove the opposite: casino players that also play online, on average, spend more money in land-based casinos. Some advocates of the cannibalization school of thought will say, there is no way to have social interactions when playing alone on an online gaming site, hence it could be of no interest for land-based players. This argument does not stand up in their case as Pbet will have online-triggered promotions held on the casino premises, therefore, creating a real social interaction between players: community-based prizes and exciting tournaments are some of the organized activities that generate interaction between players. The dynamic interaction between players occurring through organized activities will generate a snowball effect thus stimulating new registration and higher gameplay. Players will get to know each other and this will generate a snowball effect with new registrations through online or land-based channels. Just imagine online qualified players getting together at the casino for prize-win events with all of the bells and whistles around such an event.

Additionally, Pbet's unified gaming platform has a set of social networking features that allows adding friends and creating groups of interest, meeting new people that might live in the same neighborhood and sharing common interests. These networking features contain efficient tools to connect people and increase social communication between friends and acquaintances. For example, Pbet enables instant-chat messages between friends and groups while sharing some profile related insights. 

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🔘 Current Stage Discount: 45% 
🔘 Currencies Accepted:  BTC, ETH, LTC and more

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