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Four Attractive and Competitive Advantages from Saturn Black

In the development of Saturn's atomic exchange services, the project team is expecting on the support of the community, which is represented by several million crypto players around the world. The listing of crypto assets will depend on the requirements of the community in the markets and their team will organize regular voting, starting with the first stage of Token Sale, in order to understand the capacity of the markets and the need to expand the secondary market.

Four Attractive and Competitive Advantages from Saturn Black

As the volume of assets, attracted to Token Sale in exchange for XSAT tokens is formed, XSAT will negotiate with representatives of the companies beneficiaries of these assets and discuss with them the current problems of asset liquidity. Teams of companies interested in solving the problems of liquidity of assets will receive partnership assistance in the form of adding assets to the lists of trading instruments. Saturn does not plan to charge additional fees from companies for delivering liquidity to existing markets and new markets on the Saturn platform. Also, services for over-the-counter transactions and an auction will allow holders with high amount of assets to realize their assets through their platform.

1. Reduced risks in comparison with traditional exchanges

Sending crypto assets to exchange addresses, traders trust the safety of a third party. XSAT will not remind you of the high-profile cases of hacking exchanges, you probably listened to this, and perhaps yourself became a victim of hacking. Trusting crypto assets to exchanges, one cannot be sure that they are 100% safe. The exchanges reserve the right to block funds without giving reasons, sometimes freeze withdrawals and sometimes close. Making transactions through the Swap protocol, players do not send crypto assets to the exchange. Coins remain in the client's wallet until the terms of the transaction are met by the counterparty. Increased security is the fundamental difference in the Saturn approach to making deals.

2. Speed

Saturn, due to the particularity of the software architecture, is as fast as allow the blockchains of the exchanged assets and the internet connection. If XSAT considers the stages of the deposit and withdrawal of assets for the example of Ethereum, on the traditional crypto-exchange, that's what they get:

A crypto player transfers an asset from his wallet to an exchange wallet. The standard amount of confirmations that the exchange expects before depositing an account is 30. It takes 300 seconds or 5 minutes.

In backward, the withdrawal will take less time, since Ethereum will arrive on the client’s personal wallet after 1 confirmation or 10 seconds from the moment of sending. Of course, provided that the transaction will not be verified by the exchange, and without taking into account the time for confirmation by e-mail and 2FA. The exchanges delay the payment for additional verification if the volume of the withdrawals is more than established by the terms and conditions or other rules.

XSAT got the time that players spend on entering and withdrawing on the traditional exchange - 5 minutes 10 seconds, under ideal circumstances. In practice, this time will be longer. Now consider the asset flow on the Saturn platform. Sending Ethereum to the acceptance part of the transaction, the client will spend the time, required to confirm the network - 10 seconds. This time is final, that the client will spend on the transaction. Comparing the obtained numbers, XSAT has a 31-fold superiority of speed of the Saturn platform. In arbitrage transactions where speed is important, XSAT products many times superior to traditional crypto exchange platforms.

3. The reward system for the maker and the referral program is the attractive feature of trading on the Saturn platform

Since XSAT product was developed by traders and primarily for traders, XSAT understands how difficult it is to attract assets for trading to a new platform. Being in the circumstances of a shortage of liquidity, to draw attention to the new exchange product, possibly by high-quality implementation and reward program of loyal customers.

It is planned to implement a full-fledged reward program for a maker, depending on the volume of transactions for the billing period and a system of invitation links, which implies a reward for the traded volume by invited registered customers.

4. Markets are divided according to the exchange specifics and transaction volumes

In addition to creating a traditional crypto exchange, the release of which is planned to be the last item on their roadmap, the Saturn team intends first of all to launch services for major players, investors and payment providers in cryptocurrencies. Having studied the specifics of transactions for different volumes, XSAT identified over-the-counter exchange services, in view of the growing demand for crypto assets from professional investors. Increasingly popular derivative trading instruments based on quotes of crypto assets, such as Bitcoin, increase the market demand for secured futures assets. The objectives of Saturn in this process is to ensure direct contact between the seller and the buyer and ensure the security of the transaction in automatic mode while preserving the anonymity of the parties.

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