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5 Key Features from Sessia that Will Very Useful for it Users

Sessia will automatically post the information on your completed transaction on your approved followers’ wall. On the left-hand side of your wall, your followers will see the actual product or service advertising that you just purchased. On the right-hand side, they will see the detailed check of your transaction. Every post can be liked, discussed, shared and recommended, as well as lead to the online or offline store. Once your friend follows the published post and makes the purchase, he receives a cashback and you will receive a kickback on that purchase. The cash back and kickback amount depend on the percentage that is selected by the business. Here are 5 Key Features from Sessia that Will Very Useful for it Users

Smart Wall

Sessia automatically makes posts with the commercial pictures of the products or services purchased and their checks into the user's wall.

Geo Search

Users can see on the Sessia map all the businesses that are using Sessia. They can find the stores closest to them or can search for the most popular ones among locals or their friends. 

User Rating System

Sessia has an integrated rating system as for the clients, for kickers and for businesses. Clients can select a business based on their rating. Business can award bonuses to their clients based on the clients rating. And kickers can compete with other kickers in order to receive additional awards and bonuses.


Sessia internal chat is a mobile text communication service that allows people to exchange messages, stickers, pictures and voice messages. Brands can use it for direct communication with customers or for helpline services. Case study: John is the owner of an offline shop selling a variety of electronic devices. Once he installed Sessia and established a mobile e-shop within Sessia, he significantly increased his customer base. Also, the number of questions and inquiries from clients increased. He can now use Sessia chat for direct and prompt communication with clients, decreasing response time and increasing customer loyalty. Use of the same inbox messaging service will cost John up to $50-70 per month, while Sessia provides it for free.

Stores With Payment Gateway

Sessia provides brands and business with a number of unique tools and features to successfully operate on the market and resolve any of the problems mentioned above.
  1. Customer attraction and retention. Many businesses are using dierent loyalty programs, while cashbacks are acknowledged to be one of the most efficient ways to retain customer loyalty. With Sessia, businesses can use preinstalled cashback systems in which the customer gets a reward for every purchase his friends make through the KICKBACKS referral fee program. This approach motivates the customer to recommend a brand to as many of his friends as he can, which increases business brand awareness, customer loyalty, and revenue. Moreover, thanks to Sessia tokens, the customer can receive cashback and kickback funds instantly, no matter where he is or where in the world the purchase was made. 
  2. Substantial online marketing costs. Many businesses are seeking a solution in online marketing in order to increase market share, but the results of these activities are often very uncertain and the cost gets higher every year. Such costs are unaffordable for many businesses. Sessia can completely replace the traditional approach to marketing. Every time a new customer makes a purchase through or with Sessia, it means this brand was recommended to him by one of his friends. This is the most efficient way to attract new customers with an almost 100% conversion rate.
  3. Access to online markets for offline brands. Many businesses still struggle to get online due to the complexity of the process. Sessia provides a pre-installed, free-of-charge mobile e-shop constructor, which is the easiest way for business to start selling goods online. Sessia e-shop allows even an inexperienced user to create and configure an e-shop.
  4. Access to new-growing markets such as a token-based digital market. The total market cap of cryptocurrencies reached $800 bn in January 2018. In 2019, 2% of Internet users will already own crypto wallets. The adoption rate of cryptocurrencies may be as high as that of cell phones and broadband Internet. By 2025, the total capitalization of cryptocurrencies may exceed $10 trillion and crypto wallet penetration could exceed 5% of the world’s population. 

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